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Specialist Psychologists, Cape Town (Claremont), South Africa. Children, Adolescents, Adults, Couples, Family, Organisations.

As Cape Town psychologists, Dr. Mark Tunbridge consults together with other clinical, counselling, educational and neuro-psychologists from his Claremont-based practice in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. As child psychologists, or if working with adults, couples, families, organisations, or communities, we provide licensed psychology services to the public. Working both individually, or as a multi-disciplinary team, we strive to create best therapeutic outcomes for our clients. Our team members specialize in:

Psychological Assessments
Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly:
psycho-diagnostic; neuropsychology;
educational, career
Psychotherapy & Counselling
Children, Adolescents, Family, Adults,
Couples, Elderly
Medico-Legal Reports
Care & Contact (Custody & Access); Clinical
Neuropsychological, Child & Youth Forensics,
Work Capacity
Dr,Mark Tunbridge, Ph.D.

We assist our clients in reaching their full potential through individualised self-development programs. Our Cape Town team also works with other trained professionals, such as medical specialists, teachers, organisational personnel, legal representatives, community workers, and so on, as is usefully required for effective therapeutic outcomes. We do this directly from our rooms in Claremont, Cape Town, and/or in community contexts, as is most useful.

Our multi-disciplinary approach integrates the strengths of cognitive-behavioural strategies, systemic & eco-systemic methods, narrative therapy, psychoanalysis, client-centered & other humanistic approaches, as well as medical, neuropsychological and psycho-diagnostic perspectives. We can also provide social psychology initiatives to promote optimal group process where useful.

By using a multi-disciplinary approach to therapy, assessment and intervention, we can better serve the psychological needs of our clients individually, or as a group. We tailor-make our clinical and other interventions for our clients’ specific requirements at any given time. If you are looking for an effective,  professional psychologist you can be assured that we are among the best.

Meet the Team
Our Team

Our practice is situated in the Cape Town southern suburbs in the centre of Claremont, adjacent to Cavendish Square (click here to view map to our practice). We are located in a modern, secure building with wheelchair and lift access and off-road parking facilities. We also have dedicated reception staff and a pleasant reception area with refreshments facing onto a garden balcony.

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Our reception area with garden balcony

We look forward to making a positive difference to your life.

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We also specialize in Child Psychology.

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